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  1. American cities increased their use of civic engagement tools during the Great Recession, but did not fully embrace citizen involvement in decision-making | USAPP
  2. Fearless Leadership in a Social World | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  3. Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People: The Movers, The Shakers & The Difference-Makers – Alberta Venture
  4. Irvin and Stansbury: Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Participation – Intellitics
  5. Crowdsourcing and Public Participation II – Intellitics
  6. New EIPP Paper: Thoughts on Public Participation in Europe – Intellitics
  7. EU research – Making citizens’ VOICES heard | Ecsite
  8. Global Justice in the 21st Century | commentary on global issues
  9. OneTab extension for Google Chrome and Firefox – save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter
  10. Bernie for President? | Jacobin
  11. Jerry Coyne’s ‘Faith Versus Fact’ – The Atlantic
  12. Investing in Climate Change Study l Mercer
  13. News –
  14. Protest the War | The Nation
  15. The Political Theology of Climate Denial
  16. Beyond charity, toward justice | American Friends Service Committee
  17. Help Us Strengthen Open Government |
  18. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
  19. Reclaiming Public Education: Common Sense Approaches | Kettering Foundation
  20. Why Technology Hasn’t Delivered More Democracy | Foreign Policy
  21. Mercer study on climate change and investment risk: Divestment will help you get rich.
  22. hackpad; Public Participation –
  23. Climate of Doubt | FRONTLINE | PBS
  24. International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
  25. Fearless Leadership in a Social World | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  26. Climate of Doubt | FRONTLINE | PBS
  27. Protest the War | The Nation
  28. Public Participation –
  29. Reclaiming Public Education: Common Sense Approaches | Kettering Foundation

Pulblic Statement on New US National Security Strategy; “‘Compass’ Through Shifting Security Landscape”

Evidence Based Medicine; link heap from NOV2007

  1. Evidence-Based Medicine – About
  2. Edge – The World Question Center 2007
  3. Center for Evidence-based Medicine – CEBM
  4. Critical Appraisal Skills Programme – CASP
  5. – evidence-based medicine
  6. Health Information Research Unit – HIRU
  7. The Cochrane Collaboration
  8. Centre for Health Evidence
  9. Alberta Heritage Foundation – ForeFront
  10. TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
  11. JumpStart Program – TEC Edmonton
  12. Alberta Ingenuity Fund
  13. University Technologies International – Ideas. Connected. Partners
  14. Business & Economic Dev
  15. Alberta Deal Generator
  16. EBDM – News
  18. Health Canada – Population Health Approach
  19. Health Canada Search Results – evidence-based
  20. CHSR/EBDM – Critical Care Medicine
  21. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
  22. Theme: Evidence based medicine
  23. Canadian Medical Association Journal
  24. Cdn Agency Drugs and Tech in Health
  25. Clinical Advances Research and Info Translation – Clarity
  26. EBM Online – Evidence Based Medicine
  27. Brian Haynes
  28. McMaster Online Rating of Evidence – MORE
  29. MACI – Multimedia Advanced Computational Infrastructure
  30. Insight and Action – CHSRF
  31. Decision Support Synthesis – Funding and Granting – CHSRF
  32. Mythbusters & Evidence Boost – CHSRF
  33. Priority Research Themes – CHSRF
  34. Center for Health Dissemination and Implementation Research – CDIR
  35. Listening for Direction – CHSRF
  36. Recognition – CHSRF
  37. Decision Support Systems Resources — DSSResources.COM
  38. D. J. Power – DSSResources.COM
  39. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation – CHSRF
  40. Implementation Science
  41. PubMed search results
  42. &etworks | Knowledge Transfer and Exchange | CHSRF
  43. Tools to Help – CHSRF
  44. Canadian Institutes of Health Research – CIHR
  45. Grantsmanship
  46. Grantsmansip Resources
  47. Research Proposal – Beginners’ Guide
  48. GrantWriting Tool: Investigator’s Journal
  49. AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges
  50. Community Physician’s Network (CPN) – Morehouse School of Medicine
  51. SCIE: Learning organisations
  52. Building a Common Framework
  53. &etwork Notes | Networks – CHSRF
  54. Etienne Wenger home page
  55. Research | CHSRF
  56. Research, Exchange and Impact for System Support (REISS) – CHSRF
  57. Technology for Communities (blog)
  58. Resources | Knowledge Transfer and Exchange | CHSRF
  59. Listening for Direction – CHSRF
  60. Communities of practice – Etienne Wenger
  61. CPsquare – The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice
  62. CEBP:College of Medicine:SUNY
  63. EBM – the Maze at UVa-HSL
  64. Cochrane Reviews
  65. &CCN Updates Occult Primary Guidelines
  66. Evidence-based practice guideline. Exercise promotion: walking in elders.
  67. TauMed – EBM

Participation; links heaped on 1OCT2013

  1. Challenges to Democracy A public dialogue in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and InnovationChallenges to Democracy
  2. The Demise of the Public Hearing
  3. Daily News Talks: Ken Pereira
  4. Simon Keller, “Partiality” (Princeton UP, 2013)
  5. YANSS Podcast – Episode Nine « You Are Not So Smart
  6. Digital Humanities
  7. Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School.
  8. &asdaq quotes with D3js[092813]
  9. Transforming IT Operations
  10. For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
  11. A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America’s ailing healthcare | Bernie Sanders | Comment is free |
  12. Personal Kanban the Book | Personal Kanban
  13. Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge For Web Development
  14. How to argue | Comment is free | The Guardian
  15. Finding the business case for sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
  16. How to use open data to connect local government with the public | Local Leaders Network | Guardian Professional
  17. About | Open Government Partnership Blog
  18. Suppliers | Open Government Partnership
  19. Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog
  20. 3quarksdaily: Why does academic writing on international affairs seem to be of little practical value?
  21. UC Davis Philosophy 1 (Mattey) Lecture Notes on Peirce’s “How to Make Our Ideas Clear”
  22. From Civilizing Missions to Collateral Damage: Syria and the Rules of War | Dissent Magazine
  23. Semantic Perception: How the Illusion of a Common Language Arises and Persists
  24. Funders and Financials | Global Integrity
  25. Social cognition – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  26. Social epistemology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  27. Social Epistemology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  28. philosophy bites: Robert Talisse on Pragmatism
  29. Andranik Migranyan
  30. Jürgen Habermas (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/Fall 2009 Edition)
  31. Politics Quotes – BrainyQuote
  32. Knowledge = Innovation
  33. Ideas – International Association for Public Participation
  34. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  35. The Librarian as Practitioner/Researcher: A Discussion | Horowitz | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  36. Browse DeGruyter
  37. About Us | The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  38. Taylor & Francis Online :: Does public ignorance defeat deliberative democracy? – Critical Review – Volume 16, Issue 4
  39. Deliberative Democracy Defended: A Response To Posner’s Political Realism – Springer
  40. Robert Talisse
  41. The Space of Reasons: Outline of Peirce’s “The Fixation of Belief”
  42. Peirce: The fixation of belief – Google Scholar
  43. About Nina – Nina Munk
  44. The Congress | The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  45. Richard Rorty’s Platonists, Positivists, and Pragmatists
  46. Decision Management Systems
  47. Matthew J. Brown – Professional Philosophy Page | The Hanged Man
  48. Review of Gerald Gaus, “The Order of Public Reason”
  49. The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
  50. Democratic Progress
  51. Video: Robert Reich on ‘Inequality for All’
  52. Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies
  53. RationalWiki
  54. Robin Wright
  55. Might & Fealty | Indiegogo
  56. Institute of Development Studies: Homepage
  57. Hivos International
  58. Tackling Wicked Government Problems | Brookings Institution
  59. Mark Kingwell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  60. The Public intellectual in Canada: Nelson Wiseman: Books
  61. &ew IPCC Report Will Be Internally Inconsistent and Misleading | Cato @ Liberty
  62. Welcome to Growthology –
  63. MIT Economics : Jonathan Gruber
  64. Upping the Anti
  65. &ational Issues Forums: Home Page

Participation; links heaped on 16SEP2013

  1. Suppliers | Open Government Partnership
  2. Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog
  3. Participate Virtually | OKCon – Open Knowledge Conference
  4. The Participatory Budgeting Project | Empowering Communities and Deepening Democracy
  5. E-Participatory Budgeting in San Francisco
  6. Social Good Summit | UNDP
  7. Trial for streamlined planning guidance >
  8. Public Interest Alberta | Advocating for a Better Alberta for All
  9. Pathways through Participation
  10. UN-HABITAT.:. Home
  11. “sustainable engagement: – Google Search
  12. CVHP Community Voices Heard Power
  13. The Librarian as Practitioner/Researcher: A Discussion | Horowitz | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  14. Children Display Seven Distinct Roles When Searching Online at Home | Wakimoto | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  15. Learning Service – University of Alberta
  16. Participate | Community engagement and consultation at its best
  17. Welcome to Participedia | Participedia
  18. Digital Diplomacy
  19. Découvrez la plateforme “Parlement & Citoyens” | Démocratie Participative
  20. Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge For Web Development
  21. Common Sense in Life: Is Twitter losing it?
  22. openAid
  23. Citizen Smith – ParticipateUK
  24. Twyfords – Specialists in Collaboration

Evidence Based Policy (Ostrom) 11AUG2012

  1. ostrom community – Google Search
  2. Google Scholar – +ostrom +community economics
  3. An interview with Elinor Ostrom | Resilience Science
  4. UnderstandingSociety: Ostrom's central idea
  5. Mourning An Uncommon Student of the Commons « Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy
  6. Only woman to get Nobel Prize for economics dies | iPolitics
  7. UnderstandingSociety
  8. We Don't Need to Sacrifice Social Justice for Good Economic Performance contributed by Dr Adnan Al-Daini on Government in The Lab
  9. The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  10. Against evidence-based policy-making | | Independent Battle of Ideas Blogs
  11. Battle of Ideas | Battles on Video
  12. Institute of Ideas | Claire Fox
  13. Hypertext Book | UnderstandingSociety | Daniel Little
  14. Philosophy Talk
  15. Robert Koehler: Progressive Morality
  16. evidence based policy – Bad Science
  17. Search – Australian Productivity Commission
  18. Evidence-based policy-making: What is it? How do we get it? – Australian Productivity Commission
  19. Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network

E Engagement 11MAY2012

  1. Connectivism
  2. Dialogos
  3. "Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together" – Google Search
  4. Portals and KM: The Rise of Mass Collaborative Decision Making vs. Top Down Direction
  5. Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together, A Pioneering Approach to Communicating in Business and in Life – Google Books
  6. Interactive mind map with ThingLink – ThingLink
  7. Mindjet MindManager mapping software is supported by
  8. Interactive mind map with ThingLink
  9. MMDevX » A to Z
  10. MindManager Macro Library – ActivityOwnerWiki
  11. YouTube API Blog: Unlocking JavaScript’s Potential with CORS
  12. Sourcemap: where things come from
  13. &ODAL: Document Modelling
  14. Guide: A framework for structuring and analysing online deliberation design knowledge
  15. A framework for structuring and analysing online deliberation design knowledge
  16. citizen participation in challenging issues | Involve
  17. Mechanisms of an Online Public Sphere: The Website Slashdot
  18. Structural Analysis
  19. Data Visualization Software | Tom Sawyer Software Products
  20. About Common Frontiers Canada
  21. On Line Opinion – Australia's e-journal of social and political debate
  22. The Innovation Journalism Blog
  23. Open Science: History, Progress, Prospects by Michael Silverton on Prezi
  24. Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » The Emerging, Collaborative Economy
  25. Interact with Council :: City of Edmonton

Civics 18MARCH2014

  1. Restoring equilibrium to the Web – Knight Foundation
  2. The Cockpit Project
    Citizens' Collaboration and Co-creation in Public Service Delivery
  3. Cognitive Edge Network
  4. How Readers Get to News Sites: Social, Search and Direct | Pew Research Center's Journalism Project
  5. Commission on Political Reform | Bipartisan Policy Center
  6. National Conversations on American Unity | Bipartisan Policy Center
  7. Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day | ESRC | The Economic and Social Research Council
  8. Social Media For Nonprofits | Social Media For Nonprofits
  9. Ten Finalists of The Global Innovation Competition Revealed | Making All Voices Count
  10. Creating a metric for news apps
  11. Future Digital – Strengthening democracy, transforming engagement
  12. Citizen participation in municipal budgeting: Origins, practices, impact Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center
  13. Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  14. What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong |
  15. Are We Thinking About Digital All Wrong? | Smashing Magazine
  17. Inside the Business of Journalism – Don Graham on C-Notes | OZY
  18. Holy cassette tape! Boston records trapped in the '80s | BetaBoston
  19. 31-3.8 – Journalism will survive – but you might not recognise it – One Man and His Blog
  20. Creating a metric for news apps
  21. Survey of nearly a thousand web pages looks at interactive features for news » Nieman Journalism Lab
  22. Engaging News Project | Engaging Online Audiences
  23. News Site Analysis – Engaging News Project
  24. "The Demise of the Public Hearing"
    The Demise of the Public Hearing; Technology is changing the way citizens interact with local government.
  25. Face the Facts USA
    Are you ready to face the facts and help change the conversation?
  26. Weighing America's Tough Budget Choices | Face the Facts USA
  27. We Like Thoughtful Conservatives (and How Technology Can Improve News) | Brookings Institution
  28. Nudging News Producers and Consumers Toward More Thoughtful, Less Polarized Discourse | Brookings Institution
  29. If you want to learn to build the web, start by building your community | Knight Lab | Northwestern University
  30. Public Service Project: Nonpartisanship and the need for Civil Discourse | The Institute of Politics at Harvard University
  31. Why Bother? Engaging Texans in Democracy Today | Moody College of Communication
  32. Natalie Jomini Stroud | Communication Studies
  33. Tuning in to politics « Know
  34. The Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life | Moody College of Communication
  35. In Brazil, a group of reporters is trying to build an independent platform for in-depth content » Nieman Journalism Lab
  36. A Vision for a Democratic Future – Occupy.Net wiki
  37. Deliberative Democracy Hub | The blog of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group at PSA
  38. Intersection | creative strategies for social good
  39. Structural Revolution and the Social Sector | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  40. Collaboration | Tags | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  41. Our Work : The Rockefeller Foundation
  42. The Informal City Dialogues
  43. IFTF: Home
  44. Action for a sustainable world | Forum for the Future
  45. Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research

Civics 16MARCH2013

  1. How Readers Get to News Sites: Social, Search and Direct | Pew Research Center's Journalism Project
    "The most engaged visitors to a news site are those who went there directly, not referrals thru Facebook or search"
  2. Mahmoud Mohieldin and Grant James Cameron emphasize the importance of empirical evidence in designing the post-2015 development agenda. – Project Syndicate
  3. Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues | Grassroots Economic Organizing
  4. Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day | ESRC | The Economic and Social Research Council
  5. CIPS | Centre for International Policy Studies | University of Ottawa
  6. Washington Policy Center | Sound public policy and market-based solutions
  7. World Policy Conference 2013
  8. Hypertext Book | UnderstandingSociety | Daniel Little
  9. Everyday Democracy
    Ideas and Tools for Community Change
  10. Debuting Truth Teller from the Washington Post; Real-time lie detection service at your service (not quite yet) – Knight Foundation
  11. EcoJustice Education – Home
  12. Environmental Decision Making and Participation
  13. Delib Australia
    "We help organisations engage their communities online"
  14. International Budget Partnership
  15. Victorian Government ICT Strategy
    The Victorian Government is making it easier for Victorians and businesses to use government services online.
  16. Decide » Discover Discuss Decide – Anglian Water
  17. Draw Me an Idea!
    Interactive mind map with ThingLink
  18. Data Visualization Software | Tom Sawyer Software Products
  19. MindMixer — Engage Your Community
  20. by MindMixer
  21. Social Physics | a new way of understanding human behavior based on analysis of Big Data
  22. The Social Science Dream Machine
  23. Community Voices; Heard Power
  24. ExpertChoice
    Collaboration and Decision Support Software for Groups & Organizations
  25. How to Make a News App in Two Days, as Told by Six People Who Tried It for the First Time – ProPublica
  26. Tools & Data – ProPublica
  27. The Obama Team’s Disclosure Documents
  28. Tire Tracker – ProPublica
  29. New applied rationality workshops (April, May, and July) – LessWrong
  30. NCDD Resource Center » Search Results » Core Principles for Public Engagement
  31. NCDD Resource Center » Core Principles for Public Engagement
  32. NCDD Resource Center » Debategraph
  33. Taxonomy of the Logical Fallacies
  34. How to Disagree
  35. Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files
  36. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
  37. Why We Argue (And How We Should)
  38. Metacademy
  39. Web Ontology Language – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  40. Social Media Management System
  41. All Party Groups, All Party Parliamentary Groups, Early Day Motions –
  42. Is working 'great' now? | PolitiFact
  44. Debategraph | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
  45. Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
  46. Debategraph ::: Planet Under Pressure
  47. PlatformDebategraph <
  48. PlatformDyingBees <
  49. WebHome <
  50. DebateGraph Reviews | edshelf
  51. Open to persuasion…
  52. Mapping the Contours of Thought… : Open to persuasion…
  53. Digital Agenda for Europe – European Commission
  54. DebateGraph US
  55. Post-2015: what comes after the Millennium Development Goals?
  56. Digital Agenda for Europe
  57. Debategraph Explorer
  58. Details view: Digital Agenda for Europe
  59. Why – Cynapse
  60. Deliberus – a tool for collaborative argumentation
  61. Sammanfattning – Google Drive
  62. Deliberus
  63. Sarepolis
  65. Liberty Forum | Online Library of Law and Liberty
  66. Constitutional Compromise and Classical Liberalism | Online Library of Law and Liberty
  67. Our Priorities: Democracy Fund

Civics 13MARCH2014

  1. Political Innovation; innovative conversational politics
  2. Loomio
  3. Framing Citizen Participation | Anja Röcke | Macmillan
  4. PolitiFact: Is working ‘great’ now? (14 March, 2014) and Message Machine; Fact-checking the 2012 campaigns
  5. Democracy Fund: Of, By, and For the People, and “Our Priorities”
  6. Feedly: “A single place for everything you want to read”
  7. – Open source group collaboration software for businesses
  8. Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
  9. Challenges to Democracy: Boston Launches First Youth-Driven Participatory Budgeting in the US
  10. Essay and Replies: Archive : Liberty Forum
  11. History – Ash Center
  12. Aarhus – Governance Tools
    * The Aarhus Convention is a milestone in environmental democracy, granting procedural rights to the public with respect to access to environmental information held by public authorities.
  13. David Eaves (@daeaves) | “if writing is a muscle, this is my gym”
  14. ProPublica Nerd Blog; Secrets for Data Journalists and Newsroom Developers
  15. Connectivism – archived blog by George Siemens
  16. Plan to play, play to plan | The Insight Labs
  17. CRYSTAL; University of Alberta | Scientific Literacy and the Public Understanding of Science; Department of Educational Policy Studies
  18. UK Citizens Online Democracy
  19. figshare “Features”
  20. WideScope – Helping people make political decisions on the budget; Comparisons; About
  21. About Poplus | Collaborative Civic Coding
  22. Peace and Collaborative Development Network – Jan Oberg's Page
  23. SayIt: Civic Software for ‘Smart’ Transcripts · Global Voices
  24. Welcome to SayIt
  25. mySociety | About
  26. View Section: Mr Hugh Grant :: SayIt
  27. New York Times is About to Release an App Without ALL the News
  28. Ever-so-slight delay improves decision-making accuracy
  29. Institute of Art & Ideas: Philosophy for our times » IAI TV
  30. The pedagogy of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): the UK view
  31. Active Citizenry in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | Kettering Foundation; A Case of Citywide Deliberation, Collective Acting, and Civic Capacity Building
  32. LearningAction Lab for Community Wealth Building – Home
  33. Obama Science Advisor John Holdren Schools Political Scientist Roger Pielke On Climate And Drought | ThinkProgress
  34. First Look Media – Omidyar Group
  35. Focus – Omidyar Group
  36. HopeLab
  37. Media Matters for America: Research and Mythopedia
  38. DEMOCRACY | The Economist
  39. The World in Our Hands: Rationality and Climate Change
  40. Higher Education and Our Collective Future: Where Do Citizens Stand? | Kettering Foundation
  41. PUBLICAGENDA.ORG – Choicework Homepage
  42. PUBLICAGENDA.ORG – Curbing Health Care Costs
  43. Full Participation | Imagining America
  44. Center for Institutional and Social Change — Site
  45. Institutional Citizenship — Site
  46. National Issues Forums: Issue Books; video:“Democracy’s Challenge; Reclaiming the public’s role”
  47. FAQ | The Commons @ KF
  48. "Constructing" a Public Voice – YouTube
  49. Elections don't always lead to democracy, says Kerry | Crooks and Liars
  50. Rebuilding Trust After A Crisis (On-Demand Video & Presentation) –
  51. evolve24
  52. Participedia YouTube
  53. MP3: Robert Talisse on the Importance of Argument in Politics – Philosophy Bite
  54. Mumble
  55. Create interactive online training experiences
  56. Technology | Collabforge
  57. Brooklyn Boulders Active Collaborative Workspace – YouTube
  58. Who edits breaking news articles on Wikipedia? » Nieman Journalism Lab
  59. Circular economy practitioners set out views in new book | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
  60. Why Great Ideas Get Rejected: David Burkus at TEDxOU – YouTube
  61. Citizen Budget – An interactive budget consultation for municipalities
  62. Open North | Team
  63. / Accè
  64. About Us | Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)
  65. Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change »
  66. Projects
  67. Medium and Being Your Own Platform –
  68. ISSUU – Why Philosophy Fails by Ben Gibran
  69. GS – YouTube
  70. The changing nature of human communication. And all the cool things which happen now. | Ed Dowding
  71. Tweets loud and quiet – O'Reilly Radar
  72. The Center for Nonviolent Communication | Center for Nonviolent Communication
  73. How False Interpretation Can Destroy the Civilization – Yahoo Voices –
  74. Franklin Project | The Aspen Institute
  75. Franklin Project
  76. AllUpdates – Breaking News, Information & Updates
  77. New ways to engage the public, find common ground | LinkedIn
  78. Policy Network – Addressing the shortcomings of British capitalism: Tinkering at the margins or wholesale reform?
  79. Citizen Lab | Munk School of Global Affairs
  80. About the Citizen Lab – The Citizen Lab
  81. Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff on Ezra Klein's Newsier Wikipedia | Digital – Advertising Age
  82. Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself –
  83. Vox Media | 2013 Year In Review
  84. Big Strides in Participation for a Tiny Austrian State | Random Musings
  85. c000012 | Striking Poverty
  86. Kumu
  87. If you want to learn to build the web, start by building your community | Knight Lab | Northwestern University
    * Northwestern University Knight Lab is a team of technologists and journalists working at advancing news media innovation through exploration and experimentation.
  88. The Breaking News Network
  89. Kauffman Founders School || Equity Splits –
  90. Founder's Dilemmas: Equity Splits – YouTube
  91. Clayton M. Christensen – Harvard Business Review
  92. Clayton Christensen | HBS Professor & Disruptive Innovation Expert
  93. Disruptive Innovation
  94. Innovation: call for evidence | New Climate Economy | Commission on the Economy and Climate
  95. Approach | New Climate Economy | Commission on the Economy and Climate
  96. Advancement Project
  97. Interpreting Strategic Discourse
  98. Open Government Partnership |
  99. First Look Media
  100. About – The Intercept
  102. Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
  103. Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas
  104. United States Institute of Peace
  105. The Center for Investigative Reporting
  106. Jared Cohen: Don’t Pursue Ideas With Obvious Conclusions – 99U
  107. The New Digital Age – Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business
  108. Jared Cohen – Council on Foreign Relations
  109. Jared Cohen on the future of the digital world | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio
  110. Constitute
  111. Comparative Constitutions Project
  112. Home Page | National Endowment for Democracy
  113. What's Being Done On…? | World Movement for Democracy
  114. Making Democracy Work Complex World | Video |
  115. Social Physics | a new way of understanding human behavior based on analysis of Big Data
  116. Google's Oppia Is A Smart Open Source Educational Tool For Interactive Learning
  117. Welcome to EPPC – Ethics & Public Policy Center
  118. Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues | Grassroots Economic Organizing
  119. Pierre Omidyar joins PandoDaily-First Look scrum over Ukraine
  120. the latest March 2014
  121. TFF PressInfo: “We don’t see things as they are but as we are” by Jan Oberg
  122. Henry Kissinger: To settle the Ukraine crisis, start at the end – The Washington Post
  123. The Enspiral Network
  124. joshua at enspiral “Fish hooks in the brain and what to do about them”
  125. A Conversation on American Unity | Bipartisan Policy Center
  126. Zimbra :: Blog
  127. Wikispaces is Now Part of TSL Education