“Green Futures Foundation” 1995-96

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The Green Future Foundation

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“It’s ours to choose: to do whatever we can to achieve a green future,

or to do nothing and find ourselves in a future hideous beyond

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File of the Day: Human Rights and Universal Responsibility – HH the XIVth Dalai Lama

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Community Health Promotion Network Atlantic

“Not only am I questioning economic growth but also a number of more general cultural assumptions about progress, about outgrowing the strictures of the past, about the value of perpetual striving and the restless spirit. Is there an alternative to these features, which have seemed so central to the dynamic quality of Western culture, that does not imply stagnation? Or is there at least another way of defining and understanding these properties of our collective life that permits us to partake of its vitalizing waters without drowning in its ecological consequences?
Paul L. Wachtel; Poverty of Affluence

sustainability | text files | economics
Christian sources | InfoTech and Community | discussion servers
environment | social justice | community | feminist analysis
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  • CELA has also organized an email list (DEREG-L) for activists who want to
    stay up-to-date and in contact with others working to stop de-regulation around the world.
  • Recycler’s World
  • Green Power [Hong Kong]
  • The Environmental Council
    “Our mission is to help organisations improve their environment
    performance in a practical and cost-effective way. Our approach is
    based around The
    essence of successful environmental management, which is Edwin
    Datschefski’s distillation of the lessons learnt through his work.”
  • UNEP/GRID-Sioux Falls &nbsp-
    The mission of GRID-Sioux Falls is to provide environmental information and expertise to developing countries for use in
    national environment assessments, sustainable development initiatives, and regional and global environmental monitoring.
    GRID-Sioux Falls is one of six GRID centers around the world that provide the scientific community with access to timely,
    usable data.
  • Global Recycling Network
  • The Green Disk – A Journal of Contemporary Environmental Issues;
    Our site allows visitors to browse a review issue of and make submissions for inclusion in an upcoming issue. The Green Disk
    is international in scope, and our target audience is environmental educators, journalists, activists, and other professionals.
  • SeedWeb
  • Resources for NonProfits – IGC
  • Greenpeace
  • Earth Working Group

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