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Participation; links heaped on 1OCT2013

  1. Challenges to Democracy A public dialogue in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and InnovationChallenges to Democracy
  2. The Demise of the Public Hearing
  3. Daily News Talks: Ken Pereira
  4. Simon Keller, “Partiality” (Princeton UP, 2013)
  5. YANSS Podcast – Episode Nine « You Are Not So Smart
  6. Digital Humanities
  7. Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School.
  8. &asdaq quotes with D3js[092813]
  9. Transforming IT Operations
  10. For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
  11. A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America’s ailing healthcare | Bernie Sanders | Comment is free |
  12. Personal Kanban the Book | Personal Kanban
  13. Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge For Web Development
  14. How to argue | Comment is free | The Guardian
  15. Finding the business case for sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
  16. How to use open data to connect local government with the public | Local Leaders Network | Guardian Professional
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  18. Suppliers | Open Government Partnership
  19. Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog
  20. 3quarksdaily: Why does academic writing on international affairs seem to be of little practical value?
  21. UC Davis Philosophy 1 (Mattey) Lecture Notes on Peirce’s “How to Make Our Ideas Clear”
  22. From Civilizing Missions to Collateral Damage: Syria and the Rules of War | Dissent Magazine
  23. Semantic Perception: How the Illusion of a Common Language Arises and Persists
  24. Funders and Financials | Global Integrity
  25. Social cognition – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  26. Social epistemology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  27. Social Epistemology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
  28. philosophy bites: Robert Talisse on Pragmatism
  29. Andranik Migranyan
  30. Jürgen Habermas (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/Fall 2009 Edition)
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  32. Knowledge = Innovation
  33. Ideas – International Association for Public Participation
  34. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  35. The Librarian as Practitioner/Researcher: A Discussion | Horowitz | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  36. Browse DeGruyter
  37. About Us | The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  38. Taylor & Francis Online :: Does public ignorance defeat deliberative democracy? – Critical Review – Volume 16, Issue 4
  39. Deliberative Democracy Defended: A Response To Posner’s Political Realism – Springer
  40. Robert Talisse
  41. The Space of Reasons: Outline of Peirce’s “The Fixation of Belief”
  42. Peirce: The fixation of belief – Google Scholar
  43. About Nina – Nina Munk
  44. The Congress | The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  45. Richard Rorty’s Platonists, Positivists, and Pragmatists
  46. Decision Management Systems
  47. Matthew J. Brown – Professional Philosophy Page | The Hanged Man
  48. Review of Gerald Gaus, “The Order of Public Reason”
  49. The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame
  50. Democratic Progress
  51. Video: Robert Reich on ‘Inequality for All’
  52. Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies
  53. RationalWiki
  54. Robin Wright
  55. Might & Fealty | Indiegogo
  56. Institute of Development Studies: Homepage
  57. Hivos International
  58. Tackling Wicked Government Problems | Brookings Institution
  59. Mark Kingwell – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  60. The Public intellectual in Canada: Nelson Wiseman: Books
  61. &ew IPCC Report Will Be Internally Inconsistent and Misleading | Cato @ Liberty
  62. Welcome to Growthology –
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  64. Upping the Anti
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