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  2. Foreign Policy Research Institute
  3. The Rhino Den’s Kerry Patton has a call to… – Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel
  4. Belgium Attacks: “Sit And Wait” – | @TheRhinoDen | Home Of All Things Military
  5. Main Sit
  6. Preview: Cornel West – CBS News
  7. Slavoj Žižek: Why ‘Political Correctness’ Gets In Its Own Way | Big Think
  8. Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test. | Big Think
  9. Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode With Meditation | Big Think
  10. 2 Times Steve Jobs Beat the Odds by Using a Forgotten Communication Tool | Big Think
  11. How Social Media is Polarizing Us | Big Think
  12. Big Think | Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world’s leading experts
  13. Self-Compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient in Healthy Eating – Mindful
  14. Inside Edge Fielding | FanGraphs Sabermetrics Library
  15. Why the Republican establishment is actually winning – The Washington Post
  16. Leveraging American Ingenuity through Reusable and Open Source Software |
  17. This mind-boggling study shows just how massive sea level rise really is – The Washington Post
  18. Why Can’t “I” Be Happy? — Matthieu Ricard – Lion’s Roar
  19. Dru Wynings
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  21. The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner
  22. The Army Has Lost The Art Of Leadership
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  24. Home – Pulse Pledge
  25. When it rains, it pours | Retro Reporter
  26. – Once you understand your personality it’s easy to…
  27. Shambhala – Vision, Lineage, Meditation, Community
  28. Apodeictic dictionary definition | apodeictic defined
  29. 3DownNation
  30. MLB Offense Visualized As Contact Vs. Power
  31. Bear Walk Exercise-shoulder STRENGTH LIKE A BEAR!! – YouTube
  32. Learn How To Propertly Do The Bear Walk Exercise
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  36. Matthew and the Atlas – Fisherman’s Wife [Full Song] – YouTube
  37. Amitabha Buddha Thangka Medium Plus- High Quality Brocade
  38. Booming Tree on Video
  39. Deborah B. – Edmonton Drum Circle (Edmonton, AB) – Meetup
  40. Here’s how to fix America’s crumbling bridges
  41. Mining for metals in society’s waste
  42. Can drinking water be delivered without disinfectants like chlorine and still be safe?
  43. Evolution of moral outrage: I’ll punish your bad behavior to make me look good
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  46. The Great Divide – The New Yorker
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  50. CBC News – The National – Rex Murphy
  51. Being Pure: The Practice of Vajrasattva – – Bodhicharya
  52. Heart Wisdom – Complete Set – – Bodhicharya
  53. Supermassive black holes could be a source of mysterious cosmic rays
  54. Acceleration of petaelectronvolt protons in the Galactic Centre : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  55. Democratic Transitions

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  1. American cities increased their use of civic engagement tools during the Great Recession, but did not fully embrace citizen involvement in decision-making | USAPP
  2. Fearless Leadership in a Social World | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  3. Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People: The Movers, The Shakers & The Difference-Makers – Alberta Venture
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  8. Global Justice in the 21st Century | commentary on global issues
  9. OneTab extension for Google Chrome and Firefox – save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter
  10. Bernie for President? | Jacobin
  11. Jerry Coyne’s ‘Faith Versus Fact’ – The Atlantic
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  25. Fearless Leadership in a Social World | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  26. Climate of Doubt | FRONTLINE | PBS
  27. Protest the War | The Nation
  28. Public Participation –
  29. Reclaiming Public Education: Common Sense Approaches | Kettering Foundation

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    28. New era: Alberta NDP spends extra $624M, but introduces tax hike on wealthy to pay for it | National Post
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    30. New algorithm can separate unstructured text into topics with high accuracy and reproducibility
    31. Ali Soufan Interviewed on PBS Frontline: Has the U.S.’ Counterterrorism Policy Worked in Yemen? | The Soufan Group
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    69. ‘Supply side’ deficiencies in our parties, parliament, and local government each contribute to our democratic malaise : Democratic Audit UK
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    71. 6 Ways to Better Manage Your Focus and Improve Your Productivity
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    77. Municipal Recipes – Guerrilla Translation!
    78. Ash Award for Innovation in Governance: Harvard Kennedy School – HKS Live
    79. Irvin and Stansbury: Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Participation
    80. Fifth Assessment Report – Climate Change 2013
    81. A New Theory of Distraction – The New Yorker
    82. Israel’s One-State Reality
    83. Can Obama Duck Lame-Duck Syndrome?
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    90. How We Learned to Kill –
    91. About PPF | Participatory Politics Foundation
    92. FRONTLINE | PBS – Climate of Doubt
    93. What Makes Boko Haram’s Atrocities So Hard To Track? | Hunting Boko Haram | FRONTLINE | PBS
    94. The Fight for Yemen | FRONTLINE | PBS
    95. U.S. military role in Afghanistan will still be combat – Philip Ewing – POLITICO
    96. Chance for activists to air ideas after Walter Scott death marks shift – Post and Courier
    97. The Neuroscience of Empathy | Psychology Today
    98. The Philosophical Challenge – PUBLICAGENDA.ORG
    99. “Rabid partisanship”: Paul Krugman eviscerates legal assault on Obamacare and the “corrupt” judges who enable it –
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    101. It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males –
    102. The Limits of Discourse : As Demonstrated by Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky : Sam Harris
    103. Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses – Scientific American
    104. Bedis Bouziri on Tunisia's Participatory Budgeting Initiative – Shareable
    105. Facebook Instant Articles: The future of news looks better than we thought.
    106. How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate | Stanford Social Innovation Review
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    115. James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world? | Talk Video |
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    119. Appomattox and the Ongoing Civil War — The Atlantic
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    121. Jerry Coyne's 'Faith Versus Fact' – The Atlantic
    122. Why Winning the War on Climate Change Will Require a Technocratic Revolution – The Atlantic
    123. US wealth inequality – top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90% | Business |
    124. Why is Thomas Piketty's 700-page book a bestseller? | Money | The Guardian
    125. The secrets of the world's happiest cities | Society | The Guardian
    126. 3 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Fight to Save the Climate | The Nation
    127. An Illustrated Guide to the Dumbest Things Republicans Have Said About Refugees | The Nation
    128. Bible Belt Buddhism | Tricycle
    129. Robert Reich: If You Want to Know What’s Happened to Our Democracy, Follow the Richest .01 Percent – Truthdig
    130. “Next Steps for U.S. Foreign Policy on Syria and Iraq” | United States Institute of Peace
    131. How politics makes us stupid – Vox
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    134. Having a hard time finding a good place to die? Consumer Reports tells you where to go. – The Washington Post
    135. What happens when housing for the poor is remodeled as luxury studios – The Washington Post
    136. How your brain tricks you into thinking you’re greener than you actually are – The Washington Post
    137. Interfaith activists call solitary confinement immoral, ineffective – The Washington Post
    138. Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain – The Washington Post
    139. From War Room to Boardroom: Leadership Lessons From Two Generals – WSJ
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    141. WorkFlowy – Chrome Web Store
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    143. Announcing the Open Policy Network grant-funded projects – Creative Commons
    144. Comparison of Real democracy vs. UK “democracy” – Google Docs
    145. Empeopled | Neil deGrasse Tyson: Politicians Denying Science Is 'Beginning Of The End Of An Informed Democracy'
    146. Our mission in Afghanistan was doomed at the start; nothing could have saved it | Foreign Policy
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    151. Kumu – Community and Manifesto
    152. Re-imagining the IAP2 Spectrum — Medium
    153. Announcing the Open Policy Network grant-funded projects?
    154. Great new piece on research by my much esteemed colleague, Dan Kahan, and his…
    155. RUSI – Dealing With Daesh – The UK’s Role in the Coalition
    156. Direct Action could deliver a useful outcome: carbon trading
    157. Explainer: is Direct Action constitutionally valid?
    158. Islamic State knows its history; to defeat it, we must know ours
    159. Think you know your rhetorical structures? I can't even …
    160. LANDLAB on Twitter: ""#NewUrbanism isn't just for liberals — conservatives should embrace it too""
    161. Events | Balsillie School of International Affairs
    162. Annual Media Panel | Canadian Eyes on World News: Perspectives from Media Leaders | Centre for International Governance Innovation
    163. North America Defaults the Great Game in the Arctic
    164. Disruptive Power: The Crisis of the State in the Digital Age- Eventbrite
    165. I am David Boaz, Cato Institute EVP and author of The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom. AMA! : IAmA
    166. Help Us Strengthen Open Government | The White House
    167. Scientist Richard Werthamer on Exxon and climate change | FRONTLINE – YouTube
    168. ? Citizen Engagement MOOC Google Hangout – YouTube
    169. Nuclear Negotiations with Iran – The Latest Progress – YouTube
    170. Knalij Intro Movie – YouTube
    171. The hOurworld Cooperative – YouTube
  • ProCon Analogs

    ProCon Analogs

    1. Dispute Finder – Rob Ennals
      1. Rob Ennals
      2. robennals's think-link at master – GitHub
      3. Rob Ennals – YouTube
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      22. Rob Ennals
    2. Overleaf: Real-time Collaborative Writing and Publishing Tools with Integrated PDF Preview
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    21. Continuing strong demand expected for forensic and valuation services
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    42. Sources Subject Index Experts and Information in Sources Directory 2012
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    56. This House believes launching a military coup against a democratic government can be justified |
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    58. United States Policy Debate |
    59. About | Anthology of Ideas
    60. VoteRockIt

    C-51 … Harper’s conservatives revert RCMP to days of SA’ s BOSS

    NB: Canadian Anti-terrorism Law; comprehensive (forensic?) analysis by Craig Forcese (professor teaching national security law at the University of Ottawa; participant in the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society) and Kent Roach (University of Toronto law faculty; worked with both the Arar and Air India commissions).
    see also Bill C-51 Backgrounder #1: The New Advocating or Promoting Terrorism Offence by Kent Roach, Craig Forcese :: SSRN, and on Forcese’s National Security Law Blog, this: On Polemics and Substance in Bill C-51 Antiterrorism Act

    1. +c-51 analysis anti-terrorism antiterrorism legislation – Google Search
    2. Canada's Proposed Antiterrorism Act | An Assessment; CDNAantiTerrorismLawAudit
    3. Michael Geist’s antiterrorism act Archives
    4. Tweets: #antiterrorism hashtag
    5. New terror laws must respect Canadians fundamental rights; CanadianProgressiveWorld
    6. (39) State Security and Elite Capture: The Implementation of Antiterrorist Legislation in India (co-authored with Adnan Naseemullah) | Manoj Mate at
    7. Expert says new powers for CSIS a worry; LeaderPost
    8. Remarks by Justin Trudeau on the Anti-terrorism Act | Carolyn Bennett
    9. 2015 Gerald and Maas Suppressed News; NightsLantern
    10. Irwin Cotler: Debate on Bill C-51 (Anti-Terrorism Act 2015)
    11. Contentious Anti-Terror Legislation: Bill C-51 and its Sociopolitical Implications; McGill International Review
    12. The Tyee: “With Anti-Terrorism Act, Tories again Fail to Protect Canadians”
    13. Dear Megan Leslie’s (NDP MP) speech on the anti-terrorism act
    14. PolicyOptions at IRPP: We need to have an adult conversation about security and Analysis of Gov’t Antiterrorism Act; OPC Concerned
    15. ‘Anti-petroleum’ movement a growing security threat to Canada, RCMP say – The Globe and Mail
    16. Kenney rejects call to increase oversight of national-security agencies – The Globe and Mail

    Pulblic Statement on New US National Security Strategy; “‘Compass’ Through Shifting Security Landscape”

    Evidence Based Medicine; link heap from NOV2007

    1. Evidence-Based Medicine – About
    2. Edge – The World Question Center 2007
    3. Center for Evidence-based Medicine – CEBM
    4. Critical Appraisal Skills Programme – CASP
    5. – evidence-based medicine
    6. Health Information Research Unit – HIRU
    7. The Cochrane Collaboration
    8. Centre for Health Evidence
    9. Alberta Heritage Foundation – ForeFront
    10. TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
    11. JumpStart Program – TEC Edmonton
    12. Alberta Ingenuity Fund
    13. University Technologies International – Ideas. Connected. Partners
    14. Business & Economic Dev
    15. Alberta Deal Generator
    16. EBDM – News
    18. Health Canada – Population Health Approach
    19. Health Canada Search Results – evidence-based
    20. CHSR/EBDM – Critical Care Medicine
    21. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
    22. Theme: Evidence based medicine
    23. Canadian Medical Association Journal
    24. Cdn Agency Drugs and Tech in Health
    25. Clinical Advances Research and Info Translation – Clarity
    26. EBM Online – Evidence Based Medicine
    27. Brian Haynes
    28. McMaster Online Rating of Evidence – MORE
    29. MACI – Multimedia Advanced Computational Infrastructure
    30. Insight and Action – CHSRF
    31. Decision Support Synthesis – Funding and Granting – CHSRF
    32. Mythbusters & Evidence Boost – CHSRF
    33. Priority Research Themes – CHSRF
    34. Center for Health Dissemination and Implementation Research – CDIR
    35. Listening for Direction – CHSRF
    36. Recognition – CHSRF
    37. Decision Support Systems Resources — DSSResources.COM
    38. D. J. Power – DSSResources.COM
    39. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation – CHSRF
    40. Implementation Science
    41. PubMed search results
    42. &etworks | Knowledge Transfer and Exchange | CHSRF
    43. Tools to Help – CHSRF
    44. Canadian Institutes of Health Research – CIHR
    45. Grantsmanship
    46. Grantsmansip Resources
    47. Research Proposal – Beginners’ Guide
    48. GrantWriting Tool: Investigator’s Journal
    49. AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges
    50. Community Physician’s Network (CPN) – Morehouse School of Medicine
    51. SCIE: Learning organisations
    52. Building a Common Framework
    53. &etwork Notes | Networks – CHSRF
    54. Etienne Wenger home page
    55. Research | CHSRF
    56. Research, Exchange and Impact for System Support (REISS) – CHSRF
    57. Technology for Communities (blog)
    58. Resources | Knowledge Transfer and Exchange | CHSRF
    59. Listening for Direction – CHSRF
    60. Communities of practice – Etienne Wenger
    61. CPsquare – The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice
    62. CEBP:College of Medicine:SUNY
    63. EBM – the Maze at UVa-HSL
    64. Cochrane Reviews
    65. &CCN Updates Occult Primary Guidelines
    66. Evidence-based practice guideline. Exercise promotion: walking in elders.
    67. TauMed – EBM

    Participation; links heaped on 1OCT2013

    1. Challenges to Democracy A public dialogue in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and InnovationChallenges to Democracy
    2. The Demise of the Public Hearing
    3. Daily News Talks: Ken Pereira
    4. Simon Keller, “Partiality” (Princeton UP, 2013)
    5. YANSS Podcast – Episode Nine « You Are Not So Smart
    6. Digital Humanities
    7. Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School.
    8. &asdaq quotes with D3js[092813]
    9. Transforming IT Operations
    10. For scientists in a democracy, to dissent is to be reasonable | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
    11. A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America’s ailing healthcare | Bernie Sanders | Comment is free |
    12. Personal Kanban the Book | Personal Kanban
    13. Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge For Web Development
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    15. Finding the business case for sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional
    16. How to use open data to connect local government with the public | Local Leaders Network | Guardian Professional
    17. About | Open Government Partnership Blog
    18. Suppliers | Open Government Partnership
    19. Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog
    20. 3quarksdaily: Why does academic writing on international affairs seem to be of little practical value?
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