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Civil Society; Criminal Justice, Victim Assistance and Harm Reduction

MP3 of Irvin Waller 17APR2011 (30 minutes) on "Sunday Edition"; CBC Radio 1;
Irvin Waller - Department of Criminology | Less Law | More Order .com
"Less law, more order: the truth about reducing crime" by Irvin Waller (Google Books)
University of Ottawa; Faculty of Social Sciences; Institute for the Prevention of Crime - "To prevent crime by applying knowledge of what works"
International Organization for Victim Assistance - "Making a difference around the globe"
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime - "Ensuring the equitable treatment of crime victims in Canada"

Shot List (Just a start --bdt)

  • 1 1:35 - "Why is it so hard to talk rationally about crime?"
  • 2 2:43 - "It seems that every discussion ends up an ideological debate ..."
  • 3 4:00 - "How can we reach any resolution if we don't agree on the statistics?"
  • 4 1:40 - "But our perceptions of crime and our fears are based on these numbers"
  • 5 7:25 - "Does it make sense then to build a whole bunch of new prisons?"
  • 6 9:40 - Lack of strategic thinking
  • 7 11:05 - "Will it make Canadians safer?" Not cost effective
  • 8 14:17 - "Is mandatory sentencing a good idea?"
  • 9 15:07 - "What we need is a public safety bill; what will reduce crime and what will reduce harm to victims." Action plan; leadership centers and secretariats. The "4th R: Respect".
  • 10 17:35 - "All political parties are going to politicize the idea of crime, what are the chances that these remedial measure will be taken up in a national conversation to try and deal with the problem?"
  • 11 18:45 - "It must be frustrating." Distortion-based policy.



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