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November 9, 2011

"Cognitive schema" and "cognitive ergonomics"

.. two key concepts.
They should be right along side "priming" and "framing".

We are massively parallel computing systems. (Did you know that blood chemistry affects our thinking? So if something is highly valenced … getting you enthused or grossing you out … your whole body responds. "To think is to practice brain chemistry.") What is presented is the obvious. But how it's presented is usually diminished because of market demands i.e. if it's fun and pretty, that's good enough … concerns regarding the quality of decision we make doesn't rank very high.

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A very important post from +Chris Jones Scoping the future requires that we respect our past. I think he has done an enormous task to help curate some great thinkers from our past that allowed Daniel Pink & Ken Wilber to take the past and map make our future.

I hope you'll take the time read his post:The Divergence of Thought in Science & Philosophy.

Here is my PoV:

Wow! Chris, Truly a work of art. Like the video we did for Strategy Leadership & the Soul – I appreciate how much intention and years of questions resulted in this beautiful post where the comments are as nourishing as your initial intent. It almost seems cruel to offer an addition knowing how much you have invested. I only offer the following as a means to continue to honor & acknowledge giants whose shoulders I've been lucky enough to stand upon. It has been so long since my days deep in philosophy. I did my senior thesis tracking education through Rousseau (education via mentor) Wordsworth (education via nature) and Schiller (education via truth/beauty). I then dove deep into existential philosophy especially Sartre & Kierkegaard. Individualism needs to be here. And let's not leave out Maslow, Campbell & Jung. And only because I don't see any women here, I hope at the end of my life I can make a worthy enough contribution. In that vein I must honor and acknowledge Ayn Rand for her voice. I don't agree with all that she had to say but I honor her strength, clarity & conviction. Decide means to choose. We kill all other possibility by selection. All of the people listed by you and by your contributors are known simply because they were more afraid of insignificance than they were of truth.
Cheers to your contribution to #edu #ecosys.

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The Divergence of Thought in Science & Philosophy: Could “Complexity” be New Common Ground?
Knowledge is a gift best appreciated when we don't try to think about it. As a topic of focus, it frequently defies words. It grows more elusive as we attempt to draw closer to its source.


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