Why has my project taken so long? cuz ahh ain't schmart is why!

Why has my project taken so long? cuz ahh ain't schmart is why!
"Convergence" is tech talk for "reaching some agreement".
Major problem: folk (meaning you) are actually pessimistic to the point of cynicism when it comes to working through conflict by talking rather than fighting.

My "discourse-based decision support system" is so simple that nobody gets it. The method's effect is so obvious, nobody sees it.
I needed to find an intermediate step. Which I did. Working name "Ice Pick".

Given some disagreement on some issue any discussion almost immediately gets tangled in who's saying what about what.
So? Something we've never been able to do before the age of "cloud" and "big data": a comprehensive list of issues and arguments.
If //one party// can clearly identify precisely what they're arguing about (I really do mean "in detail") they can share that with the "other side" of the argument.
And here's where your pessimism kicks in. You'd like reply something along the lines of "So what / who cares?!"

Clarity of concept has nearly magical powers to act on our mind/brain functioning. Kinda like how sometimes we form a mental image of a notion or concept.

With the exact issue precisely in mind … "convergence" is right there, within reach. What stops it? either ignorance (about a precise something) or dishonesty (with very clear evidence).

#DeliberativePolitics 3DEC2016

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One Comment to “Why has my project taken so long? cuz ahh ain't schmart is why!”

  1. 13 years ago, 7DEC2016, the design for Exhibitum came clear to me. I had been so very close to it for years. But that day, reading Willilnsky's "If Only We Knew" and Habermas' "Discoure Ethics" I had rocked back in my chair (3rd floor reading room, Killam Library Dalhousie University) and looked at the 2 books sitting there open before me.

    The connection was right there, I knew, but … how to present that as an interface on a computer screen?
    And the penny dropped. A truly "Eureka!" moment.

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