Poorly formatted and poorly constituted argument: about validity of ideals and philosophical…

Poorly formatted and poorly constituted argument: about validity of ideals and philosophical principles and less about the choices to be made.

The various aspects of the issue that are existential become, in effect, proxy for aspects of ideology i.e. how to interpret reality. It's the latter that citizens need to grapple with.

There will never be a clearly obvious resolution of the question left VS right. But there's no good reason that this eternal tension should derail governance and ham-string the legislative process.

Arguments on the issues need to be more based on the facts, our best information, and less on then ideological principles and philosophical ideals that form our interpretations of those facts, the factors by which each individual forms his or her opinion.

Let's create a shared knowledge base; where we cannot form an ideological consensus let's at least agree on the facts of the case.

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One Comment to “Poorly formatted and poorly constituted argument: about validity of ideals and philosophical…”

  1. Some folk make everything about ideology; it's always conservatives VS liberals, left VS right, crackers and limp-wristed liberals. That's a lousy way of handling things. or mishandling things.

    And guess what … other folk do basically the same thing, but with religion.
    Those folk shouldn't be driving the bus. They shouldn't be dominating the arguments and they sure as hell shouldn't be setting our agenda!

    But we seem to get sucked into it. And that's … timeless.

    What makes "hot button issues" hot button?
    What makes for the "dog whistle politics" has on individuals?
    Ideological principles and philosophical ideals.

    My idea? that we should already have a knowledge base, a shared collection of our best information, of facts that we can agree on.
    Otherwise? we have incoherent arguments where aspects of the issues are blurred and twisted so they act as though proxies for the ideological struggle between left and right … as though we need to resolve the timeless and eternal tension between those two in order to take care of sewers, school systems, and climate catastrophe.

    Only the psychopaths benefit from the present incoherence.

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