A Rejoinder to Andy Revkin's http://tl.gd/n_1s26c5a

A Rejoinder to Andy Revkin's http://tl.gd/n_1s26c5a

Your response here is //precisely and exactly// what my Exhibitum "discourse system" addresses.
For example: given that article, imagine how many replies / responses there might be, now imagine the number of arguments there might be, now imagine the number of propositions there are in it that draw attention and replies/responses/comments/arguments for and against.

Fractal, n'est-pas?

So: from 1 article, a flurry of communicative gestures.

On top of that? the number of arguable propositions is //immensely smaller// than the number of items/entities presenting each one of those proposition.
So, like the cosmos, X * Y * Z.

My inspiration? Hesse's glasperlenspiel (as system, technique, and methodology) in "Glass Bead Master" aka "Magister Ludi".
see http://soup.groundplane.org/post/126605253/Each-countrys-Commission-possesses-its-Archive-of

Do folk really care? not many, no., Does aggregation/curation have any traction in #AttentionEconomy ? not really, no.
Does the community of principled practitioners feel the need for better tools and better techniques and better methodologies? not often, no.

All I have is a fulcrum … for the levers we're pulling and pushing.
Does that attract much attention.
Almost none.


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