+Michael Cooke FWIW / by way of context:

+Michael Cooke FWIW / by way of context:
I kept notes as I surveyed the domain … dates back to 2004? http://gnodal.livejournal.com
Slightly older, where I blogged about tech. [Just peeked; back to 2002.] This blog, like all my others, is long dusty: http://mozdawg.blogspot.com

p.s. late 70s I spent some time in Vancouver. Had the job situation not been so tight I'd like have done the communications program at SFU.

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The sort of mind-blurt I email myself from time to time. (Quite a collection, over the years.) Innovation and Collaboration How do institutions and corporate entities enable innovation? I’m looking to a consortium of strategic partners to support an information initiative.

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2 Comments to “+Michael Cooke FWIW / by way of context:”

  1. Not sure what the reference to gnodal is; your comment seems very enigmatic. I have no connection with it, sorry.

  2. Enigmatic?
    "By way of context" … doesn't that explain things?
    And the "reference to gnodal" is a link to one of my old blogs.

    My apologies: I thought something there might be of interest to you.
    My mistake.

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