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May 10, 2018

In my persona as Independent Solution Vender (ISV) I need to stay current with the…

In my persona as Independent Solution Vender (ISV) I need to stay current with the body of commentary on such as information flow and data security. As a technologist, it's my business to stay aware of developments, keeping an eye for the scale of breakthrough that would strongly recommend some new "version" of my workflow.
In neither of these am I scholar or academic, so it is //not// my business to draft learned commentaries on our world and its movements.

My point is this: very few people (almost none, really) are affected by the nature of internet transactions at a level that would make them well informed analysts. #GroupDynamics and #SocialPsychology are not common currency.
And yet practically everybody who uses the net or the web or apps has some sort of pedantic one-liner.

That severely affects my ability to communicate. The way that effect propagates is precisely what I'm attempting to comment on here.

I remember a few bits and pieces from my Grade XII economics class. "Marginal propensity to save and to spend" and such like.
The one that's stayed with me: the "Quality" of money is //inversely// related to its Quantity and Velocity.

Guess what, sports-fans … exactly the same is true of information in the lived domain of "social media".

So? so something I've worked to clarify has approximately the value of a single fortune cookies. Needless to say, one can get fortune cookies by the pound for around $3.

So I'm stuck.
Not only do people act as though they're entire naive when it comes to how our world is coming apart, but they blow off reality as though in the audience of some afternoon talk show. And that leaves me to do … what?

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