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July 7, 2014

Quote me: 

Truth is the stuff what can be said even by someone who is not a gifted orator. That's how facts work.

One of the LHC team talks about his project: since he was a very young physicist, he has worked on the LHC … exploring quark/Higg's boson.
He says "It depends what happens. Maybe I spent 15 years and have no effect … my work just disappears. There is no consolation prize."

Me? my project was born September 1973, pulling out of my nervous breakdown, thinking "What was the logic here? what was the decision making process? how did we arrive at the choice: Yes, let's violently overthrow that democratically elected government. Let the blood flow."
How do we decide? no, how do we make choices? no, why do we do what we do.

41 years of that. Banging away at that.
Got the theory straight around 1998, after 15years. #ParticipatoryDeliberation .
Got into the academic literature for #DeliberativePolitics .
Got into nuts and bolts of cognitive ergonomics. VRML. InfoGraphics. Pushing Web 1.0 to the limit. Past the limits, into 2.0 alpha. Mid-December 2003: Eureka.
see snapshot of May 2004:

11 years spinning my fucking wheels.

Maybe I wasted my life. Double or nothing? no no, far more … 10 Home Runs in a row, or die a wasted nut case.

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Participatory Deliberation – HomePage
“The power of computers to collect, store and manipulate numbers has increased dramatically since Hamming’s pointed observation. Much of this increased power, however, is wasted because humans are poor at gaining insight from data presented in numerical form. As a result, visualization research …

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