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April 3, 2014

Just took FactLink for a spin. A couple of good blog posts

One in particular:
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They wrote "We started out building a tool for linking information together, where some information would support other information."
I replied: "A mind map would do this. I worked through that approach in the 1990s with cMap and Compendium and even created a prototype using VRML. Those years confirmed what I suspected: merely connecting missed the point. A library catalog doesn't only connect, it arrays. Likewise with a book's index. So I drilling into things to find ?what? a vector along with I could array the countless information items we encounter. Hence "GNodal"."

They: "There were multiple reasons why Factlink didn’t work, but most importantly, it was too complex. We tried to do too much at once"
Me: "Let me suggest a refinement of this very fine insight: why was it too complex? because it aimed to do too many things. Is why I say I spent years trying to design a fulcrum for the lever that is ICT. I suspect a closer inspection of the "cognitive ergonomics" at play would reveal design principles that are at one parsimonious and more effective. (That worked for me! /grin/)"

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4 Lessons You Can Learn from Factlink’s Pivot
Factlink is a more-than-profit with a mission: to make the world more open and credible by discussing everything. Install Factlink in your browser to discuss anything on the web. Or use Factlink on your site to get great in-line discussions. Learn more about Factlink · « Blog. 13 March 2014 …

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